Recall the laptop wrecking ‘USB Killer?’ You can now buy it.


Last year we had written about USB Killer - an apparently innocent USB stick which burns almost any kind of device it's placed into by using a bolt of electrical energy.

In those days, it had been an evidence of principle, fascinating mostly to security scientists and people who focus on USB requirements. Now, even so, the USB killer has turned into a device you can now buy.

Based on USB Killer's website, it is a "testing device" which needs to be part of every single security auditor and component designer's toolbox.

The organization is additionally promoting the USB Test Shield, a device which allegedly a safely test a device's effectiveness against USB Killer's high profile attack.

Although it is a high-voltage gadget, the USB Killer is recommended to be "quite safe."

That could be so, but we still would not advise anyone except protection/hardware experts to test it out.

The USB Killer is around 49.95 euros ($57), and the Test Shield 13.95 euros ($17). The USB Killer web page permits card and PayPal payments, and guarantees "rapid world-wide delivery".

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