Top selling writer Sarah J. Maas developing her precious dream world


Many teenagers dream about becoming professional writers at some point.

But occasionally these teens do grow in becoming top selling writers. Simply ask Sarah J. Maas.

Maas' wonderland series, Throne of Glass as well as A Court of Thorns and Roses, are top sellers and enthusiast absolute favorites.

Sarah said earlier today:

Because I started this when I was a teenager, this doesn’t quite feel real.

I’ve worked for this since I was 16, but at the same time, when your dreams do come true there’s this imposter syndrome type thing.

You’re like, ‘This didn’t really happen to me, people don’t really mean this.’

However they do. Sarah's enthusiasts happen to eagerly await the following Throne of Glass story, Empire of Storms, out on 6th September.

It is the 5th and pen-ultimate publication on the series. In that same day, Bloomsbury will release a Throne of Glass color book, providing fans a peek in to the rich wonderland.

Even with seven publications, the stress and anxiety of publishing rarely gets easier.

I’m always scared when a book comes out. I want readers to like it, I put so much hard work into it.

I cry so much while writing these that my heart and soul are on the page.

These few weeks leading up to publication I’m always [worried] ‘What will they think?’

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