Store roll-outs ‘slow shopping’ for aged clients and individuals with problems


LONDON - Going shopping might not be one of the most enjoyable experience.

Yet one UK grocery store is going to be slowing the speed for 2 hours every day to assist aged clients and individuals with problems.

Sainsbury’s is trying a brand new concept known as 'slow shopping', customized to support the demands of those two populations


Slow shopping is going to be run at the shop each Tuesday from 1PM to 3PM. Individuals utilizing the services are going to be greeted at the store's entry, the place where a Sainsbury's employee might help them with their purchasing.

The concept was spearheaded by community resident Katherine Vero, who thought it was difficult to shop together with her mother, that had dementia. Right after her mother died, Vero was motivated to develop a slow-shopping service.

Vero said in a statement:

My mum used to love shopping, but as her dementia developed it became increasingly difficult and stressful for us both.

But I didn’t want her to stop going out and become isolated. I wondered if there was a way to help us enjoy shopping.

Based on research completed by Alzheimer’s Society, 850,000 individuals in the United Kingdom are living with dementia and also 80 % of individuals with the issue say shopping could be their favorite hobby.

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