Smiletime roll-outs as yet one more live-streaming plan to connect designers and fans


During the last four yrs, Danika Lee Massey has been speaking about X-Men, other super heroes and Game of Thrones with a large number of fans.

But a few months ago, after signing with crowdfunding website Patreon, she accepted the concept that only a few video she makes needs to be so finely modified and scripted.

Massey said earlier today:

We recently launched on Patreon, and one of the things they suggested to us was live shows, talking to an audience live.

I reached out to a friend of mine. I’m not a tech person, but I was talking to friends of mine about live-streaming.

On Smiletime, visitors can upvote one anothers posts hoping of catching the broadcaster’s interest.

Broadcasters can display comments on screen as well as other images via a simple drag-and-drop method.

They can also request for a person to show up in a video chat together with them and operate live polls.

The proposal is impressive for any service which has not been publicly recommended and stays unrecognized among lots of people in the live-streaming market.

The typical viewing time for a movie lasting no less than an hour is 44 mins.

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