Pandora has decided to start on request streaming


Pandora is shifting ahead featuring its plan to take on Apple Music and Spotify.

The organization is near to securing deals with significant record labels that will enable it to add on-request streaming.

A Pandora representative released a statement saying:"

"We’re incredibly excited about what’s ahead. We’ve been working hard to bring an expanded listening experience to listeners and are on track to do so later this year."

The brand new services includes 2 new monthly membership options, such as a $10 per month option most just like Spotify and Apple Music.

The rollout includes a plan to include more perks for the $5 per month option.

Pandora was on the market, and reportedly turned down an acquisition offer in July which valued that business at $3.4 billion.

Although it rolls out these kind of big changes, Pandora continues to seek a buyer.

If Pandora will bring those audience into its new membership model, it's going to be a success to the company.

Pandora's share was up 3.4 % Friday after news of its on-request streaming options broke.

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