New Zealand may be way too great at rugby, and that is an issue

New Zealand Rugby

One more year, and yet another unpleasant, smashing loss for Australia from the New Zealand's rugby squad. However in this sport, becoming too good is now something to worry about.

Kiwis were always one of the most powerful rivals within the game of rugby union in addition to their team — All Blacks — are definitely the world's top rated.

They have won the Bledisloe Cup for the 14th season in a row.

The past 5 years also have seen New Zealand clubs turn into champs in super rugby, the very best level of contest within the southern hemisphere.

You will find sporting contests around which are not too fussed regarding a huge gap in quality. Consider football/soccer, in which giant clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona are present and win constantly in La Liga.

Recent sounds of economic issues within super rugby teams and also the threat of down-sizing the contest does nothing to instil assurance within the fans. The worry of one-sided contest does not help.

"Obviously it is not in our interests to lose our fans. We have worked very hard to interact, and in 2016, throughout super rugby all of the metrics have been trending in the proper route from that level of view, even though a lot of people said that our clubs were superior in the competition too" Tew said.

"Nobody wants an unavoidable final result in sport. That is the great thing about the sport, and why strength is really important ... but in addition, we don't appologise to have an All Blacks side (which is) as effective as it can possibly be."

The All Blacks are presently on a 13 (tests) winning streak (tests happen to be what games among national clubs are known as in rugby), within just reaching range of the 17 test record, previously obtained in 2014.

They are really that great, but whether or not that may be to the detriment of some others, just time will decide.

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