Momofuku’s shipping only application is growing


Shipping is employed for Momofuku.

The widely used NY restaurant business just fully released its shipping-only restaurant, Ando.

About six weeks later, demand is sufficient that it must expand.

The lunch menu continues to be available just to customers in New York's business heavy Midtown East area, and only by using an iOS mobile app.

Ando is launching a web site app right now to reach new clients.

Anoop Pillarisetti, Ando's General Manager, said:

If we had a [physical] line out the door, it would be almost four miles long.

It's been pretty stunning.

The website application's goal is to make purchasing available for both desktop and Android OS users.

Ando tends to make its food (specifically designed to taste much better later, after shipping) within an undisclosed Midtown spot.

David Chang, the famous Momofuku restaurateur, developed the restaurant's menu with chef J.J. Basil.

Its most favored goods are a $12 cheese-steak and $11 fried chicken.

Producing food better when it is delivered is actually the "last mile of imagination that is going to occur," Radfar said.

For the time being, that's still occurring just inside Midtown East.

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