The reason Facebook choose a losing battle with ad-blockers?


In just a few days of Facebook's promise of fight against ad-blockers, it had been clear that social media would not win.

To begin with, AdBlock Plus, the most used desktop ad-blocking program, identified areas of Facebook’s computer code which helped to detect ads regardless of Facebook's effort to hide this sort of signs.

Ben Williams, the actual ad-blocker's representative, anticipated the invention to result in a game of mouse and cat among Facebook and also the open source network.

The organization, as well as other few ad-blockers, continued in a very back and forth with Facebook's technicians for some time.

However the game didn't last for very long.

Facebook's ideas were built with a fatal flaw, at minimum theoretically: its method towards turning off ad-blockers depends upon obscuring the main difference among user content and ads; however the organization is also forced to plainly indicate ads to users by the FTC regulations.

Software engineers quickly seized within this contradiction with an application that may search for "sponsored" indicators within the front-end and stop those posts appropriately.

CEO of ad-blocker Stand, Roy Rosenfeld, said:

As long as Facebook has to let people know that an ad is an ad - and I see no reason for that to change - people can always use ad blocking.

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