Airbnb removes 2,570 illegitimate entries from NYC, but real estate supporters say it’s insufficient


Airbnb's efforts to conform with NYC regulations have led to the removal of about 2,570 entries in nothing more than 12 months.

New York City housing supporters say that is not sufficient.

New data unveiled by Airbnb on Tuesday demonstrates that the company will continue to remove listings that breach its "one host, one home" plan.

During the past month, the organization has eliminated 337 more listings from the site through all New York City districts.

A study on the housing advocacy group Housing Conservation Coordinators in June discovered that 90 % of New York Airbnb leases were targeted in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with many further grouped within five macro communities.

Sarah Desmond, executive director of Housing Conservation Coordinators in NY, said:

Their move is to get rid of double listing.

I don't know if that gets rid of enough full-time listings. If you look at the number of days booked, we find it's similar if not more than corporate.

Airbnb will continue to say it supports the "one home, one host plan" in NY, and that extra earnings from Airbnb might help many renters remain in their significantly expensive homes.

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