Acer’s brand new game monitor allow you to whack things up with your own eyes


PC monitors, just like TVs, improve each year with additional pixels, higher brightness far better contrast. Which is all great, but Acer is moving things up using the first monitor to feature built-in eye tracking technique for game playing.

They introduced the Predator XB271HUT, a 27 inch video gaming monitor along withTobii's eye tracking probe, at the IFA 2016 tech show.

The flat screen features a resolution of 2,560x1,440 pixels as well as features NVIDIA's G-Sync technologies for sleek, high-frame-rate gaming.

The marquee function will be the eye tracking level underneath the screen, which may scan the motion of your eyes to trace where on screen you are concentrated.

Regardless of Tobii focusing on the science for a long time, PC manufacturers are actually slow to apply it on their devices.

In the CES technology festival in January, I managed to test it on MSI's laptop having a modified version of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) 5.

The tech however, required polish, however the eye tracking is effective. I could shoot rockets at choppers and vehicles simply by taking a look at them.

For video gaming, eye tracking can change the way you control your camera and, effectively, whack things up with your own eyes.

The screen is going to be obtainable in the Middle East, Asia and Europe for around €899 (about $1,000) most likely in December.

Not sure on whenever it will get to North America. You can always import, right?

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